The Volkswagen Clean Air Act Partial Settlement

Is your organization looking to improve air quality, reduce operating costs, or increase available capital to buy electric vehicles and equipment? Act now to prepare proposals for funding from a $2.7 billion trust.

You may be aware that the Volkswagen Clean Air Partial Settlement (the Settlement) is valued at $14.7 billion, but did you know that many organizations are already formulating their project to be first in line to get funding from the nearly $3 billion Mitigation Trust designated to offset ozone-related emissions? Eligible projects, which may be funded up to 100%, include purchasing new electric shuttle buses, replacing diesel-powered vehicles and equipment, and more. Grants from the Mitigation Trust could be issued as soon as June 2017 and proposals are expected to be reviewed on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Volkswagen Clean Air Act Funding

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