Haley & Aldrich warns manufacturers: Your brand could be in jeopardy if you don’t look beyond regulatory compliance

Environmental and engineering consulting firm report explores the role of public perception in manufacturing compliance

BURLINGTON, Mass., March 13, 2017 – Haley & Aldrich, an engineering and environmental consulting firm, introduced a comprehensive report today about the role of health and safety professionals when it comes to the public perception of their organizations' brands. The report indicates that any form of perceived non-compliance can produce public outcry and negatively impact the organization’s reputation on many levels. The report, “When compliance isn’t enough: protecting your brand from negative public perception,” written by Maryann Sanders, Senior Regulatory Compliance Specialist at Haley & Aldrich, examines recent examples of manufacturing missteps and provides insight and recommendations to maintain positive brand reputation and get ahead of negative public perception. The report is available for complimentary download from the Haley & Aldrich website.

“Organizations must take an in-depth look at everything –from product development, ingredients and formulations – to geographic and cultural mandates,” Sanders said. “Any news of regulatory non-compliance or public concern with a chemical, product or company can cost more than money – it can damage or destroy a well-earned brand reputation.”

In the report, Sanders discusses how health and safety professionals must take a series of proactive steps to protect their organization’s brand reputation. The report offers important tips to manage compliance and protect the brand.

Examples throughout the report paint a vivid picture of brand-protection challenges that will help manufacturers better understand issues such as “complaintvertising” and social media activism.

 “Unfortunately, compliance doesn’t guarantee positive brand perception,” Sanders said. “However, there are some measures to consider such as performing a compliance assessment, as well as staying ahead of targeted processes, products and ingredients the moment there is a whisper they are falling out of favor. Manufacturers must be vigilant about innovating and look for better ways to do business.”

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  • Download a complimentary copy of the report, “When compliance isn’t enough: protecting your brand from negative public perception,” from the Haley & Aldrich website: http://bit.ly/2nIhl3I
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