CASQA’s 13th Annual Conference

Kathryn Hubbard, Technical Expert and Environmental Management Specialist at Haley & Aldrich, will be presenting at CASQA’s 13th Annual Conference on Tuesday, Sept. 26 from 4:20 to 4:50 p.m. During “Confidential Plastics Manufacturer: A Case Study for Zinc,” Kathryn will present how a California manufacturer of durable molded plastic cases, flashlights, and remote area lighting reduced zinc concentrations in its stormwater discharge. Kathryn will demonstrate that through implementation of strategic housekeeping practices, process improvement, customized training and incentive programs, zinc concentrations at a plastics manufacturing facility can be reduced from 2.5 mg/l to 0.3 mg/l within a single sampling year. This session also covers the methodology for process improvement and the effective incentive program developed to create a culture of teamwork and ownership of the stormwater program.

To learn more about Kathryn's presentation and the conference, visit the CASQA website.