19th LCI Congress

The 19th Annual LCI Congress will offer continuous education credits, Lean methods, and networking opportunities for the design and construction industry. Nick Masci, Lean Trainer and Lean Black Belt, will participate in the following sessions on Oct. 18:

Behavior Based Project Delivery – Shingo Model Thinking Leads a Team to Rethink What’s Possible

  • Time: 1:15 p.m.
  • Panelists: Nick Masci, Haley & Aldrich; Patricia Andre Tillman, University of California, San Francisco; Baris Lostuvali, Webcor Builders; Marianne O’Brien, SmithGroupJJR 
  • Overview: The Shingo Model and Shingo Prize is the global standard for Operational Excellence and the gathering place for top Lean thinkers. The project model is based on the Shingo course – “Discover Excellence” – translating learning from 2016 Congress to project deployment. KPI’s cannot be achieved with KBI’s (Key Behavior Indicators) – these will be the very best (and influential) Leading Indicators a project has ever used. We are using the Shingo’s First Insight of Enterprise Excellence – “Ideal Results Require Ideal Behaviors.” We will share how the UCSF Block 33 project is different – primarily by gathering the largest collection of the extended value stream ever to sees things differently, apply Lean principles, and commit to the behaviors necessary to achieve excellence. 

Mobile Big Room - Collaboration on Wheels!

  • Time: 4:20 p.m.
  • Panelists: Nick Masci, Haley & Aldrich; Cliff Cort, Triumph Modular
  • Overview: LCI's "The Business Case for Lean" study proves that Big Rooms make a difference. Yet they are on a small fraction of projects. A modular company, on a Lean Journey, is changing that with help from Steelcase, the most recognized name is office environments. We are providing a Mobile Big Room, a space that assures a safe environment, empowers & involves everyone, and promotes visual management. Industry data shows that greater than 90% of all commercial projects are less than $5M. These projects don't have the resources for a "compound" but still benefit from Lean construction. Our answer is to rethink the mobile trailer. Gone is the shabby trailer with two measly offices - replaced by a high functioning space that is making a difference with project teams.

For more information on the conference, visit the LCI Congress website.