Eleventh International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds

Haley & Aldrich staff will have a significant presence at the upcoming Eleventh International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds, organized by Battelle. The company's involvement at the conference includes a session chair, seven platform presentations, and seven technical posters. See details below, with Haley & Aldrich staff names italicized.

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Session Chair


    • Real-time analysis to inform decision-making Chair: Murray Einarson

    Platform sessions


    • Optimization of hydraulic capture of CVOCs and management of injection well fouling for a groundwater treatment and injection system. J. Williams, Colleen Canfield, and I. Jones. (Session D3) 
    • ERH Remediation of university campus shale bedrock site. Sunila Gupta, Denis Conley, J. Fager, C. Blundy, and E. Crownover. (Session B1)


    • Converting a stormwater pond into a multi-stage treatment reactor for arsenic, ammonia, and benzene at the Industri-Plex Superfund site. Bruce Thompson, T. Majer, Mark Kelley, C. Elder, C. Elmendorf, and J. Gabriel. (Session B2)


    • Spatially-averaged, flow-weighted concentrations: a more relevant regulatory metric for groundwater cleanup. Murray Einarson (Session D6)
    • Key factors in the successful commercialization of three high-resolution site characterization (HRSC) technologies. Murray Einarson (Session G5)
    • Application of CSIA in 1,4-Dioxane studies: latest developments. Peter Bennett, Min-Ying Jacob Chu, R. Aravena, H.T. El Mugammar, C. Smith, M. Hyman, and M. Nickelsen. (Session I4)
    • Cost-effectiveness of in situ aerobic cometabolic biodegradation for treating large deep dilute plumes containing 1,4-dioxane and CVOCs. Min-Ying Jacob Chu, Peter Bennett, and R. Borrego. (Session D5)

    Poster sessions


    • Attenuation of a chlorinated solvent plume expedited by underground construction. John R. Kastrinos, Owen Miles. (Session D1)
    • Estimating safe level of PFOA/PFOS in human blood using clinical margins of safety. Stephen Clough, Jay Peters. (Session A7)
    • Summary of state approaches to vapor intrusion: 2018 update. B. Eklund, L. Beckley, and Rich Rago. (Session G1)
    • Applied research of adsorptive media: troubleshooting the impact of hidden organic material. Keith Foster, M. Nickelsen, Michael Basel, and R.C. Luhrs. (Session A3)
    • Simulation of nearshore groundwater-seawater interactions using SEAWAT 2000 and MODFLOW USG: a comparative case study. Min-Ying Jacob Chu. (Session H1)


      • High-resolution mass discharge evaluation at a chlorinated solvent release site in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Owen Miles, Murray Einarson, and M. Singer. (Session D6)
      • Large diffuse plume alternative approach to pump and treat/MCLs: a sustainable plume management approach using the Arizona WQARF model. Scott Zachary, E. Pigati, and Paula Panzino. (Session D5)