Using Lean tools for project planning and design

Lean Construction Institute’s Los Angeles & Orange County Community of Practice is hosting “Using Lean tools for project planning and design” in Orange, California. The event is from 4:30 to 7:00 p.m. on March 14. On-site parking is free and a buffet dinner and beverages will be provided for attendees. Visit the event page to register.


Simple Lean processes, tools, and collaboration can improve and expedite the planning, kickoff, and design process resulting in reduced waste and time, money saved, and more value for the client. This presentation will show how Lean processes and tools can be adapted to all phases of the project from concept to closeout. This session will also highlight how Lean tools can be used to better understand client and stakeholder value and collaboratively define scope and schedule. It also shows the benefit of employing the Last Planner System® in the design process. The presentation explains the benefits of collaborative team planning: more realistic scopes, schedules, and budgets designed to meet client and stakeholder needs, as well as allowing for innovation and reduced risk.


  • Bill Kay is a Principal Consultant at Haley & Aldrich and Lean Black Belt with 8 years of Lean experience 

  • John Brett is a Genentech Project Manager with no formal Lean training and minimal Lean experience

  • Brent Miller is Dome’s Program Manager for Genentech, with a few years of Lean experience