Achieving Expectations and More
Clients seek our advice on the most complex development, environmental and construction management issues they face. We support them with creativity, practicality, talent and tenacity.

For over 50 years, Haley & Aldrich's team of professionals has been advising clients based on solutions-driven practical experience. To produce meaningful outcomes, we field project teams with the talents, discipline backgrounds and resources needed to address our client's priorities and the unique requirements of each project assignment.

Client leaders and management benchmark our service delivery by seeking candid client feedback both formally and informally. Honest communication and team self-evaluation based on performance feedback spurs continuous learning and improvements geared to addressing client needs and concerns.

Our reputation for meeting environmental, engineering and management challenges has been proven in project assignments in the U.S. and internationally. Recognition for the successful work we have led and project team awards associated with the challenging projects we serve have been garnered from many professional organizations and industry publications. But how our clients view our success is most important.