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Meet Our Management Team

  • Colin Sweeney

    Colin Sweeney

    Senior Vice President and Electric, Gas & Energy Market Segment Leader

  • Alec Smith

    Alec Smith

    Senior Vice President and Government Infrastructure Market Segment Leader

  • Dan Oman

    Dan Oman

    Vice President and Heavy Industry Market Segment Leader

  • Eric Mears

    Eric Mears

    Vice President and Mining Market Segment Leader

  • Elie Haddad

    Elie Haddad

    Senior Vice President and Aerospace Market Segment Leader

  • Lizetta Fennessy

    Lizetta Fennessy

    Vice President and Education, Healthcare and Cultural Institutions Market Segment Leader

  • Anita Broughton

    Anita Broughton

    Senior Vice President, Chief Scientist and Manufacturing Market Segment Leader

  • Mark Balfe

    Mark Balfe

    Vice President and Real Estate Developers Market Segment Leader

  • Larry Smith

    Larry Smith


  • William Fisher

    William Fisher

    Chief Operations Officer, ECT and HCS | Executive Vice President

  • Anne Nason

    Anne Nason

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Marcel Guay

    Marcel Guay

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Ben Chandler

    Ben Chandler

    Chief Innovation Officer

  • Erin Davies

    Erin Davies

    Chief Human Potential Officer

  • Stephen MacIntyre (“Mac”)

    Stephen MacIntyre (“Mac”)

    Chief Services Officer

  • Marya Gorczyca

    Marya Gorczyca

    Chief Learning and Development Officer

  • Shawn Fiore

    Shawn Fiore

    General Manager, Energy, Industry & Mining Business Unit | Senior Vice President

  • James Little

    James Little

    General Manager, Manufacturing Business Unit | Senior Vice President

  • Joel Mooney

    Joel Mooney

    General Manager, Buildings & Infrastructure | Senior Vice President

  • Patricia McKee

    Patricia McKee

    General Counsel

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