William Fisher P.E.

Chief Operations Officer, ECT and HCS | Executive Vice President

Portland, ME | 207.482.4600 | | LinkedIn

William Fisher

Bill has spent most of his career over the last 40 years in the development and implementation of remedial strategies at former manufactured gas plant sites across the U.S.

Bill joined Haley & Aldrich in 2003 as a vice president and environmental engineer. Bill led the company’s focused expansion into the electric and gas utilities market, assisting clients and communities in developing comprehensive strategies to address legacy environmental issues. Bill has also been instrumental with leadership and expansion of Haley & Aldrich’s subsidiaries, Haley & Aldrich Construction Services (HCS) and Emerging Compound Treatment Technologies (ECT).

In 2014 Bill took over the role of chief operating officer and, working with CEO ¬Larry Smith, has been instrumental in focusing the company’s presence as a consulting firm organized around our key markets and clients.

Bill is skilled in negotiating site strategies with environmental regulatory agencies and in articulating remediation approaches to diverse shareholder groups. He is a registered professional engineer in more than 20 states.

He received his Master of Science degree in civil engineering and geotechnical engineering, as well as his Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering and sanitary engineering from the University of Maine.

Industrial manufacturing companies face global competition, multi-system regulations and numerous other business risk issues. When working with an industrial client facing these complex issues, we strive to understand their internal goals. It comes down to, ‘What is success for this owner, in this situation – and how do we get there as efficiently as possible?’
William Fisher