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Geometric Decoration

Amber Granger, P.G.

Technical Expert, Geology

Amber is an engineering geologist focused on rock engineering and geotechnical projects. Whether it’s an exposed rock slope adjacent to a rural roadway or a deep excavation in an urban setting, she evaluates the rock mass and develops simple but effective mitigation methods to prevent rockfall events that could lead to loss of life or property damage. She is also a licensed remote unmanned aerial systems pilot, a technology that helps to mitigate health and safety risks associated with evaluating rock slopes and improves the quality of deliverables.

Amber’s background in both geology and engineering disciplines gives her an important understanding of how rock masses behave under various existing and proposed conditions. Her goal is to provide clients with efficient, sustainable, and effective solutions to potentially unstable rock slopes and excavations.   

  • Checkmark Blasting and excavation techniques
  • Checkmark Construction monitoring and quality assurance
  • Checkmark Geologic mapping
  • Checkmark Rock engineering and rock mechanics
  • Checkmark Rock slope mitigation design
  • Checkmark Surface and subsurface site characterization

“I love the complexity of geology, especially when it comes to rocks, and the occasionally difficult task of combining geology with engineering. All sites and projects are different and come with a unique set of challenges that I enjoy taking on.”