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Geometric Decoration

Christian Raumann, GISP

Service Leader, Data, Visualization, and Design

Throughout a decade with the U.S. Geological Survey as a researcher studying landscape dynamics, Christian used geographic information systems (GISs) and remote sensing to map, quantify, and visualize land cover change and the associated driving forces and consequences. This experience led to his realization of the value and importance of the effective use of geospatial technologies, and his move to consulting 15 years ago has since provided ample opportunities to apply these evolving data-centric approaches.

As Haley & Aldrich’s leader of data, visualization, and design, Christian focuses on the development, implementation, and widespread use of analysis and visualization approaches that maximize the value of our clients’ environmental, geotechnical, and monitoring data. Christian’s work reflects his belief that a well-planned, disciplined approach to data is key to synthesizing our scientific understanding of our advancing database, geospatial, and design resources and expertise.

  • Checkmark Desktop GIS: spatial analysis, cartography, geostatistics, infographics
  • Checkmark Web GIS: ArcGIS Enterprise, web maps, mobile apps, dashboards
  • Checkmark Dynamic 3D modeling: aboveground, subsurface, web viewers
  • Checkmark Environmental and geotechnical data: EQuIS, OpenGround, validation
  • Checkmark Unmanned aircraft systems and remote sensing: drones, advanced sensors, structure from motion

“I believe that by providing streamlined and timely access to data and technology tools, we can enable better informed and more reliable decision making, gain a deeper understanding of our clients’ challenges, and convey technical information in more impactful, visual ways.”