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Geometric Decoration

David Demas

Senior Project Manager

While David appreciates gratitude when he solves a client’s critical issue, the greatest reward is developing career-long client relationships based on trust. Clients know that when they encounter insurmountable hurdles or impossible deadlines, they can call on David for a solution to their most difficult issues. His deep experience includes work plan development, conceptual designs, permitting, closure plans, manufactured gas plant (MGP) remediation, and stakeholder and community relations.

In his role as senior project manager, David collaborates with various stakeholders to review, negotiate, and administer proposals and specifications for client contracts and subcontracts. Clients count on David to set them on the best path and maintaining and building upon that trust motivates him to keep finding creative solutions to their most challenging problems. 

  • Checkmark Environmental construction projects
  • Checkmark Environmental decommission and demolition 
  • Checkmark Estimating and construction site management
  • Checkmark Federal site management 
  • Checkmark Heavy metals stabilization
  • Checkmark MGP remediation design and construction
  • Checkmark Permitting and closure plans 
  • Checkmark Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA)
  • Checkmark Site investigations
  • Checkmark Stakeholder and community relations
  • Checkmark Work plans and conceptual design

“When you perform well and solve difficult problems, the best part is not the work itself or even the significance of the outcome. The deep connections and friendships are the greatest reward.”