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Geometric Decoration

Laura McWilliams, PH.D., L.G.

Senior Technical Expert, Sediment Characterization and Remediation

Laura focuses on contaminated sediment sites and the adjacent uplands, which may be potential sources of historical and/or ongoing contamination. She specializes in planning and managing multidisciplinary investigations for complex upland and sediment sites, as well as developing multi-component remediation strategies for these sites.

Laura enjoys and excels at combining all available information – including historical documents, modeling results, laboratory studies, field efforts, and otherwise – to develop a coherent picture of complex site conditions. One of Laura’s particular strengths is leveraging this information to develop clear and concise conceptual site models (CSMs) and facilitating communication with agencies and other stakeholders to build consensus.

  • Checkmark Manufactured gas plants (MGPs)
  • Checkmark Remedial investigation/feasibility (RI/FS) studies
  • Checkmark Scientific support of cost allocation/recovery
  • Checkmark Sediment projects in urban waterways
  • Checkmark Settlement negotiations with regulatory agencies
  • Checkmark Superfund, state-led cleanups, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) sites

When working on complex sites, it’s important to ‘see the forest through trees.’ I enjoy thinking outside the box to do so. For example, there is often a trail of chemical or physical breadcrumbs that can be followed to gain a clear understanding of the source of soil contamination. There must always be a solution that is consistent with the data, and I enjoy finding it.”