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Meredith Hargreaves, MBA, MST

Senior Lean Practitioner

As a facilitator, coach, and business strategist, Meredith focuses on helping people tackle complex organizational and management challenges using Lean thinking in effective and unexpected ways. She is passionate about teaching, coaching, collaboration, strategic planning, and solving complex problems, particularly when these elements intersect. Through deeply understanding others’ experiences, she learns about their values and perspectives. As a result, she partners with them to discover and implement better ways of working. She loves seeing people have ‘a-ha’ moments, particularly when issues have been systemic and difficult to overcome.

Meredith enjoys exploring different organizational cultures and learning what inspires people to work each day. People with whom she works appreciate that her approach fosters meaningful relationships, mutual trust, and enjoyment of the work at hand.

  • Checkmark Building high performing teams
  • Checkmark Lean thinking and facilitation
  • Checkmark Process improvement
  • Checkmark Strategy development and deployment
  • Checkmark Systems thinking
  • Checkmark Training and development

“I thoroughly enjoy facilitating teams and coaching individuals when they have ‘a-ha’ moments and when they realize the bigger purpose, impact, context, or value of their work. It’s exciting to see others become passionate about those realizations, then seeking ways to make things even better in their work and for those around them.”