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Geometric Decoration
Miao Zhang

Miao Zhang, P.E.

Associate, Engineer

To advocate for his clients, Miao focuses on their strategic interests and finds common ground with diverse stakeholders by openly communicating technically defensible analyses. Miao also uses his expertise in remediation engineering and quantitative hydrogeology to develop cost-effective site investigation and remediation strategies.

Over his 20 years in the environmental field, Miao has found inspiration through innovation. He knows seemingly impossible challenges can become possible through innovative thinking and hard work. This combination allows Miao to find practical solutions that serve his clients, benefit their communities, and protect the environment at the same time.

  • Checkmark Dense nonaqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) mobility assessment
  • Checkmark Emerging contaminants
  • Checkmark Fate and transport modeling
  • Checkmark Groundwater/surface water interaction
  • Checkmark Manufactured gas plants
  • Checkmark Remediation construction
  • Checkmark Sediments
  • Checkmark Site characterization
  • Checkmark Water resources

“I am committed to lifelong learning on a wide range of subjects. I draw on that learning in my consulting work because it is not enough to be an expert in a single topic. We need to be able to work across disciplines, communicate highly technical information to a broad audience, and build consensus by resolving conflicts.”