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Richard Walther

Rich Walther, P.G.

Technical Expert, Hydrogeology

Rich Walther is a hydrogeologist with over 15 years of experience supporting and managing hydrogeologic site investigations, contamination and remediation assessments, and water resource management projects. Rich has worked for municipal, electric utility, oil and gas, industrial, and mining clients in nearly every U.S. state, Canada, Middle East, and North Africa. Rich uses his flow and transport modeling for a variety of applications, including determining safe yield and capture zones for water supply wells, potential flow paths of subsurface contaminants, dewatering volumes, and assessing remediation effectiveness.

Rich enjoys solving complex issues for clients and working on projects that make a difference in the world through groundwater remediation, sustainable water supply, and responsible mineral extraction. Clients appreciate that Rich informs them of exactly what a project entails to meet the objective, if a perceived task is unnecessary, and ways to cut costs without sacrificing quality. He has presented to regulators and stakeholders on behalf of his clients on technical issues such as feasibility studies, site assessments, operational permits, and groundwater model results and predictions.

  • Checkmark Aquifer storage and recovery development
  • Checkmark Coal combustion residuals (CCR) rule support
  • Checkmark Contaminated site assessment
  • Checkmark Deep well injection feasibility, permitting, and construction
  • Checkmark Groundwater flow and transport modeling
  • Checkmark Groundwater supply development
  • Checkmark Hydrogeologic site characterization and assessment
  • Checkmark Mine dewatering, water supply, contaminate transport, and pit lake evaluation
  • Checkmark Well design, construction, and testing

“I got into hydrogeological consulting due to a mix of love for the environment while recognizing the need for responsible use of the earth’s resources.”