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Geometric Decoration

Thomas Nolan, P.E.

Senior Client Leader

Since joining Haley & Aldrich in 1986, Tom has provided geotechnical engineering services for a broad range of projects, including educational institutions, residential and commercial buildings, parking garages, water and wastewater treatment facilities, roads and bridges, underground and overhead utilities, and waterfront structures. He has served as officer-in-charge or project manager for geotechnical design and construction services.

Clients value Tom’s ability to provide a thorough review of all geotechnical considerations, provide sound technical input, and deliver the most practical and cost-effective design for a project. Taking this approach allows his clients to understand the associated costs and schedule before construction, and ultimately avoids change orders and schedule delays. He enjoys working with design and construction teams to guide a project from an idea to completion.   

  • Checkmark Dewatering systems
  • Checkmark Earth support systems 
  • Checkmark Earthquake engineering
  • Checkmark Foundation design
  • Checkmark Geotechnical instrumentation
  • Checkmark Ground improvement
  • Checkmark Retaining walls
  • Checkmark Rock engineering
  • Checkmark Soil and rock excavation 
  • Checkmark Subsurface investigations

“I enjoy investigating subsurface conditions because it’s like discovering the unknown. Each project presents a unique set of challenges, the opportunity to learn something, and the satisfaction of providing practical solutions for our clients.”