About Us | Our Vision & Values

We manage our business to do the right things.

Our vision to “Be the company most sought after to integrate technology and human potential to tackle tough issues facing the world” is our north star. Since our founding, we have been pioneers in new services and practices. As a learning organization, we strive to develop the full potential of all of our staff so they are prepared and passionate to take on our clients’ toughest challenges.

Key to realizing our vision is living out our values. Our President and CEO, Larry Smith, talks about our Core Values, and how they shape the work we do, in the video on this page. These Core Values have been the foundation of all that we do for nearly 60 years. Clients can tell the difference. We are looking out for their interests and for the communities we serve together.

These are our Core Values:

  • Safety - in everything we do and in the environments we share responsibility for building.
  • Honesty, integrity, and personal responsibility - the foundation of who we are.
  • Professional excellence - we are a learning organization committed to leading our industry in creating the highest possible value.
  • Creating potential through people - we invest in our staff and the enduring relationships they build with our clients, consultants, and communities.
  • Wise stewardship - thoughtful, sustainable use of economic, social, and natural resources.