About Us | Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability for us is just good business.

Our sustainability efforts are a natural extension of our desire to address the tough issues facing the world. One of our company's core values—the guiding principles for how we conduct ourselves and approach our work—is “wise stewardship” of resources. We’re deeply committed as an organization to reduce our own environmental footprint. Yet the greatest opportunity we see to help the planet is through the work we do with our clients. We strive to integrate sustainability into all the work we do with our clients and to help our clients meet their tough sustainability goals.

A great example of this is our decade-long relationship with the San Diego Airport. Over the last few years we’ve been helping them with a huge water challenge that they have. We’ve been helping them realize that they can view water not as a nuisance, not as something that causes flooding at the airport and not as a compliance challenge, but really as a valuable resource that can be captured and reused. San Diego gets only an average of ten inches of rain annually. But those ten inches over 661 acres – that’s 180 million gallons of water that falls out of the sky that can be captured and put to use.

Haley & Aldrich works with the airport to figure out how to do things differently. We are looking at ways we can capture that water and reuse it onsite. We’re looking at that water for irrigation, washing airplanes, washing rental cars, flushing of toilets, and using it in cooling towers. The San Diego Airport leadership sees the airport as being inextricably linked within the community, so they’re deeply committed to maintaining a safe and healthy environment, and actually restoring that environment so that it can flourish into the future. Our job is to help them realize that vision.