Tackling critical facilities issues through the hidden power of Lean (it’s not what you might think)

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Facilities Manager

Melissa McEwen, Haley & Aldrich Lean Practitioner and Senior Vice President; Meredith Hargreaves, Haley & Aldrich Lean Practitioner and Client Specialist; and Steve MacIntyre, Haley & Aldrich Senior Vice President and Lean Integration Leader

How can a Lean manufacturing approach help the educational facilities organization tackle their most daunting challenges? Campus facilities leaders are facing many intractable challenges—deferred maintenance, reduced funding, rising costs, an aging workforce, broad energy and sustainability targets, and much more. Critical facilities issues can also be adaptive challenges, where we need to change our understanding, attitudes, or habits in order to truly understand the problems and innovate to develop solutions. In this article, we discuss how to unlock the hidden power of Lean to systematically engage the potential of your facilities people to understand problems and innovate to find solutions that work best for your culture and your challenges. 

This article is used with permission from Facilities Manager magazine, the magazine of APPA, Alexandria, VA.

Hidden Power of Lean