Water conservation shouldn’t depend on a drought: lessons learned from California universities

Water is a critical yet unpredictable natural resource that requires stewardship. Freshwater represents less than 3.5 percent of all the water available on the planet, and extreme weather events, such as droughts, are making its availability even less predictable. While water shortages can impact regions across North America, nowhere has it been felt as severely as in California with its recent droughts. The lessons the state learned—and the best practices and planning implemented by California universities—can serve as an inspiration as well as a blueprint for other facilities and regions.

Forward-thinking leaders at higher education institutions across the state have successfully established water stewardship initiatives and engaged broad-based involvement. In this Facilities Manager article by Jake Torrens, Sustainability Associate at Haley & Aldrich, read about some of the successful change-making practices gleaned from interviews with seven facility managers and sustainability professionals at California campuses, as well as our own experience working with our clients.

Read Jake Torrens’ article in APPA's Facilities Manager

Photo credit: Matthew Gush, CSU Fullerton