Concurrent treatment of 1,4‐dioxane and chlorinated aliphatics in a groundwater recirculation system via aerobic cometabolism

Haley & Aldrich Technical Experts Min‐Ying Jacob Chu and Peter J. Bennett have published, along with colleagues at several other organizations, an article in Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation. The article, “Concurrent Treatment of 1,4‐Dioxane and Chlorinated Aliphatics in a Groundwater Recirculation System via Aerobic Cometabolism,” details the team’s research demonstrating that it is possible to treat groundwater contaminated by 1,4‐dioxane and chlorinated aliphatic co‐contaminants by in situ aerobic cometabolic biodegradation. 

For more details or to download the full article, visit the Wiley Online Library.