Elko Roundtable 2018: Water in mining

Following the 2018 Elko Roundtable held in Elko, Nevada on March 15, 2018, Rick Frechette, Technical Expert at Haley & Aldrich, highlighted the key takeaways from the event in Mining Engineering, the official publication of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME). Water in mining was the biggest topic of interest during the event. Water rights in Nevada and the ongoing litigation at the state level, particularly over the Humboldt River basin, have elevated the concern over the supply of water and have raised interest regarding the topic of water across the mining industry as well as other industries.

During introductions at the beginning of the conference, each attendee mentioned a water problem or solution that he or she would like to discuss during the day. The most common themes included:

  • Mine pit dewatering during operation and pit wall stability.
  • Draindown from tailings dams and heap leach pads and dealing with this at closure.
  • Post closure pit lakes, pit lake water quality and associated water rights.

Read Rick’s article in the December 2018 issue of Mining Engineering to learn more about the event and read the key takeaways from the conference.