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Haley & Aldrich: a living, learning organization.

At Haley & Aldrich, we strive to be a living company that is focused on achieving our vision and purpose. We pride ourselves on constantly looking for people who think differently than us, are driven by possibilities rather than limits, and challenge us to do our best work. The Haley & Aldrich team is open to learning from past mistakes, pays careful attention to our customers’ evolving needs, and works closely to adapt along with them. We believe this is essential to helping us achieve our clients’ goals each day.

We have grown as a company through the years, but our core values have remained consistent throughout our history:

  • Safety - in everything we do and in the environments we share responsibility for building.
  • Honesty, integrity and personal responsibility - the foundation of who we are.
  • Professional excellence - we are a learning organization committed to leading our industry in creating the highest possible value.
  • Creating potential through people - we invest in our staff and the enduring relationships they build with our clients, consultants and communities.
  • Wise stewardship - thoughtful, sustainable use of economic, social and natural resources.