Abhinav Huli receives NASTT’s Trent Ralston Young Trenchless Achievement Award

Boston, MA (February 5, 2014) – Abhinav Huli, Senior Engineer at Haley & Aldrich, has received the Trent Ralston Young Trenchless Achievement Award from the North American Society for Trenchless Technology (NASTT). This is a hard-earned and prestigious honor for Huli, who has been with Haley & Aldrich since 2010. He will be formally presented with the award at NASTT’s No-Dig Show, April 13-17 in Orlando, FL.

“Abhinav has been extremely valuable to the Haley & Aldrich trenchless team,” said Dennis Doherty, Haley & Aldrich’s National Practice Leader for Trenchless Technology. “For example, I had him develop Excel spreadsheets to calculate pulling loads for horizontal directional drilling projects. He went far beyond my request and developed spreadsheets to calculate not only overburden retaining pressures but also downhole pressures necessary carrying spoils back to the surface at the drill entry point based on soil type and drill mud parameters.”

Abhinav has worked on significant horizontal directional drilling engineering projects including twin 17,000 foot crossings of the York River in Virginia, 6,800 foot, twin crossing of the Cape Fear River in Wilmington, North Carolina, and 28,000 foot of Hamlin Sound near Charleston, South Carolina. He has also worked on auger bore projects and microtunneling project.

NASTT’s mission is to be the premier resource for knowledge and education in trenchless technology. The organization’s goals include furthering education, training, research, and publishing within their field. Their No-Dig program is focused on helping professionals maximize their investment in trenchless technologies, services, and applications. 

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