Land & property development markets pick up steam in 2013

Boston, MA (November 1, 2013) – Haley & Aldrich’s Joel Mooney, General Manager of our Real Estate Business Unit, was quoted at length in the Environmental Business Journal article, “Land & Property Development Markets Pick Up Steam in 2013.”

A resurgence in the market is in full swing, and companies that stayed the course are poised to enjoy the rewards of their perseverance. Many companies from around the United States report that the land and property development business is on the upswing. It began to show signs of improvement in perhaps as early as 2010 in some areas, but has really taken off within the past year.

There’s nothing too unusual about this resurgence in the history of economic cycles, although the upward turn of the curve is certainly welcome. “We’ve watched this movie before, where development typically comes back after a downturn or recession,” notes Joel Mooney, Senior Vice President at Haley & Aldrich (Boston, MA), an environmental C&E company employing 500 people at 24 U.S. offices. “Residential, hospitality, and office space have really come back, and we’re seeing it here.”

Download the article, "Land and Property Development Markets Pick Up Steam In 2013" courtesy of Environmental Business International.

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