Mark Pomfrey P.G.

Heavy Industry Market Segment Leader

Cleveland, Ohio | 216.706.1344 | | LinkedIn

Mark Pomfrey

Mark Pomfrey works closely with his clients and Haley & Aldrich staff to build collaborative teams that put the clients’ needs at the heart of every project. He seeks to deeply understand his clients’ goals first and facilitates communication with regulators to understand and balance the various stakeholder needs, goals, and objectives – to ultimately reach a successful outcome for his clients.

Mark has more than 20 years of environmental consulting and program management experience in various markets including heavy industry, manufacturing, oil & gas, aerospace, and commercial. His expertise includes contaminated site investigation and remediation, due diligence and remedial liability estimates, program management, and regulatory compliance. Mark has a proven record implementing characterization and remediation of industry sites under regulatory programs to maintain regulatory compliance, control costs, and drive projects to closure.

Mark earned a Master of Science in Geological Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences, both from Kent State University.

Haley & Aldrich understands that our industrial manufacturing clients constantly experience changing and challenging business conditions. But even more than that, and what sets us apart in our industry, is that those shifting conditions drive our adaptive approaches to solve our clients' problems.

Mark Pomfrey