Eric Mears R.G.

Mining Market Segment Leader

Phoenix, Ariz. | 602.760.2450 | | LinkedIn

Eric Mears

Eric Mears has nearly 30 years of experience in environmental and water resources services for the mining industry. While managing and coordinating complex mining projects in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, he has successfully negotiated permits, authorizations, and entitlements with agencies at the local, state, tribal, and federal level. Known for innovative problem solving and consensus-building communications, Eric specializes in resource and asset evaluation, strategy development, community relations, and regulatory negotiations.

Eric is active in state and national mining associations and has served on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Rock Products Association since 2003 and the Arizona Mining Association since 2011. Eric has also served on the Arizona Geological Survey’s Geologic Mapping Advisory Committee since 2011 and was appointed to the Arizona Mining Advisory Council in 2010 as Vice Chair. He frequently participates in state and federal rulemaking on matters affecting the industry, including mining and reclamation practices, land use issues, social license, and sustainable development.

Eric earned Bachelor of Science degrees from Eastern Illinois University in geology and earth science.

Mining has never been more critical to the development and sustainability of our society than it is today. Mining delivers the economic and mineral wealth that drives our society and makes emerging technologies possible. Yet mining has to compete in a continually evolving political, environmental and social landscape — and that makes our fresh perspectives and unexpected values increasingly vital to helping this important industry thrive.
Eric Mears