Anita Broughton E.I.T., C.I.H.

Manufacturing and Heavy Industry Market Segment Leader

San Diego, Calif. | 619.280.9210 | | LinkedIn

Anita Broughton

Anita Broughton partners with manufacturers to tackle their most challenging problems, seeking first to understand and then achieve results beyond expectations. She has more than 30 years of experience implementing and managing site assessment, investigation, and regulatory compliance projects, facility audits, industrial hygiene evaluations, human health assessments, and due diligence assessments.

Anita specializes in developing investigation and remediation strategies for time-sensitive redevelopment projects, using risk-based approaches to focus mitigation/remediation efforts, decrease construction schedules, reduce costs, and achieve site closure. She strives to consider the interactions among various client stakeholders to provide integrated services that result in the greatest benefit to the client’s organization.

In the community, Anita has assisted in the development of regulatory guidance through her participation in numerous local, state, and national committees. She was a member of the County of San Diego site assessment and mitigation technical work groups from 1991 through 1999; their steering committee from 1998 through 2008; and was member and trainer for the national Interstate Technology Regulatory Council vapor intrusion team from 2004 through 2011.

She has been appointed as an expert witness on health and safety and risk assessment interpretation matters. She has also been a guest lecturer for industrial hygiene courses at the University of California, San Diego; has provided OSHA training on vapor intrusion, safety and health to peers and clients; and has presented on risk assessment and due diligence topics to various external organizations.

Anita earned her Bachelor of Science in environmental resource management from The Pennsylvania State University, specializing in hydrology.

We have a passion for helping our manufacturing industry clients with their most complex problems. We see the best strategy as the path that achieves the greatest value for the client for a net benefit cost.
Anita Broughton