Dane Pehrman

Electric, Gas & Energy Market Segment Leader

Parsippany, N.J. | 856.834.9081 | | LinkedIn

Dane Pehrman

Dane Pehrman has over 30 years of consulting experience providing environmental and engineering solutions to the power transmission, renewable energy, and mid-stream natural gas markets throughout North America. Dane has held leadership roles in environmental planning and energy markets at several international consulting firms, and as a result, he has a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges our energy clients face. 

Dane works with his clients to understand their specific challenges and partners with them to develop custom solutions in order to minimize their business risks and improve operations. Our clients appreciate Dane’s ability to build solutions with all stakeholders’ interests in mind ensuring that their reputation is safeguarded.   

Dane regularly participates in and presents at industry and technical conferences, including the International Symposium on Environmental Concerns in Rights-of-Way Management and the American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association Annual Conference. He also provided training on international environmental and social lending standards to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) environmental working group in Paris. 

Dane received his Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Stockton University.

I find that our clients like to work with Haley & Aldrich because we are easy to work with, we take the time to understand their driving issues, and as a result, we deliver the right solution fit their purpose. Our goal is to become an extension of their own team. Energy-related issues dominate almost every aspect of the business market given the increasing attention on climate change so we’ve assembled a highly talented team of experts with deep experience with the regulatory environment - we can help them not only survive, but thrive.
Dane Pehrman