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Confidential Oil and Gas Client · New York and Pennsylvania

Haley & Aldrich foresees and avoids mid-project obstacles on a lateral pipeline project so our client can honor its customer commitments

Saved time and reduced delays

by integrating services under one program

Ensured our client met deadline and customer commitments

by proactively managing the project’s entire development program

oil & gas pipeline permitting

Client challenge

Our client had to bridge system infrastructure between a compressor station and an existing pipeline to meet one of their largest local customer’s natural gas transportation and storage needs. Doing so required upgrading equipment within the compressor station and constructing a 17-mile interstate pipeline lateral through towns in New York and into Pennsylvania. Both the system upgrades and pipeline had to be completed and in service by the date our client contracted with their customer. Meeting this schedule required not only surveying and designing a feasible pipeline route, but also obtaining, maintaining, and complying with permits, approvals, consents, and certificates required by about ten different federal and state agencies.

Thanks to our history navigating similar circumstances in the same region on their other projects, our client trusted Haley & Aldrich to take on the challenge and overcome several mid-project obstacles.

Our approach

Our team started by counseling our client on the best pipeline route. Ultimately, the route needed to enhance their existing system, meet federal and state regulations, and minimize its impacts to the people and places it affected. During the desktop studies, they opted to move the interconnection point across the Pennsylvania state line, subjecting the project to laws in two states. Our familiarity with regulations and regulators in both allowed us to obtain additional approvals without delay.

After the project began, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service listed the northern long-eared bat — which was endemic to the pipeline route — as an endangered species. Neither the client nor the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission knew how this might delay or alter the pipeline’s construction. We eased their concerns and kept the project on schedule by subcontracting a specialist to survey the species along the route and consult with the wildlife service through the species’ interim and final listings.

Value delivered

  • Ensured our client could meet their deadline and honor their customer’s commitments by proactively managing the project’s entire development program
  • Saved our client time and reduced the likelihood of delays by integrating surveying, permitting, engineering, and environmental compliance services under one program
  • Made the complex permitting and approvals process less daunting for our client because of our familiarity with regulations and regulators in New York and Pennsylvania

For more information, contact:

Steven Phillips

Senior Project Manager

Vincent Dick

Principal Consultant, Geology and Resource Permitting