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Nuclear decommissioning permitting

Nuclear plant decontamination and decommissioning

Permitting expertise and high-touch communication keeps our client on critical nuclear decommissioning path


  • A nuclear power plant operator — a longstanding client — needed to decontaminate and decommission a New England plant, a billion-dollar project.
  • The project involved many stakeholders and phases, including the remediation of soil with non-radiological (or chemical) issues, which requires geological, hydrogeological, and permitting expertise.
  • We used our knowledge of the nuclear decommissioning process to develop a proactive approach based on the client’s top priorities: working safely and meeting permit deadlines.
  • We collected defensible data to demonstrate compliance to meet the project goals and meet the residential soil criteria — a fact-based approach that helped the client communicate smoothly with state regulators and its community.

For more information, contact:

Nadia Glucksberg

Principal Consultant, Hydrogeology