TCE vapor intrusion methods set the EPA standards

Confidential Superfund site

Project highlights

Client challenge
Recent EPA studies have found that the compound trichloroethylene (TCE) may pose long- and short-term threats to human health if inhaled. In the short-term, the EPA has new concerns over short-term exposure posing health risks to sensitive receptors. A Haley & Aldrich client recognized that addressing the vapor intrusion pathway at its site was a complex venture requiring highly technical and strategic expertise.

Our approach
For years Haley & Aldrich has worked on vapor intrusion assessment and remediation at one of the nation’s largest TCE contaminated Superfund sites. In fact, the EPA uses the cutting-edge technical, managerial, and regulatory approaches that we employed at the site as standards for application at other Superfund sites.

Value delivered:

  • Haley & Aldrich developed streamlined approaches to address potential vapor intrusion risks expeditiously, minimizing risks to occupants of buildings.
  • The EPA adopted some of these approaches into its official guidance on TCE vapor remediation.

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