Airborne particulates study for copper mining company shows reductions from previous EPA study

ASARCO LLC Hayden, Ariz.

Project highlights

Client challenge: 
Asarco was confronted with significant costs associated with an extensive Superfund investigation of air emissions from its active copper smelting facility in Hayden, Arizona. Based on the findings of an earlier Phase I Remedial Investigation (RI), EPA contended that air emissions from the ongoing operation contributed to human health hazards that exceeded the risk management range.  Asarco has since implemented additional emission controls for point and fugitive sources.

Our approach:
Haley & Aldrich leveraged our industry knowledge and expertise in characterization of airborne substances to develop a flexible investigative strategy built on the responsiveness to concerns of all parties.

Value delivered: 

  • Haley & Aldrich’s expedited and phased implementation reduced immediate project cost concerns for the Phase II RI.
  • Ongoing ambient air characterization work, together with enhanced particle morphology for emissions from Asarco’s smelter and various fugitive sources, has indicated reductions in previous levels and will confirm remaining opportunities for further improvements.
  • This strategy and preliminary findings are expected to result in a reduction of investigation costs exceeding $1.5 million.

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Steve Rakowski