Lean practices, diverse experts help hospital quickly combat Legionnaires’ disease

Confidential hospital client Midwest

Project highlights

Client challenge
With two confirmed cases of Legionnaires’ disease, a large Midwestern hospital needed to quickly understand the scope of the situation, develop a plan to mitigate the problem, as well as prepare for ongoing legionellosis risk management.

Our approach
Haley & Aldrich took a holistic approach and used Lean practices to quickly address the problem. We brought in a multidisciplinary team of experts to work side-by-side with corresponding hospital personnel and address the complex problem simultaneously on all fronts. We also effectively facilitated a group of hospital executives with different areas of responsibility and expertise to come to consensus on the current state of the situation and plan for the future.

Value delivered

  • Our collaborative approach led to a quicker, more cost-effective resolution of the complex problem than other approaches.
  • We helped develop effective plans to reduce and manage future risk of legionellosis.
  • The sampling and analysis strategies we used provided data in as little as eight hours instead of the typical 8-14 day timeframe.
  • Our in-depth, hands-on strategy allowed the hospital to maintain its critical focus on patient care and facilities operations during this time.

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