Expedited and economic vapor intrusion remedy

Medical center Urban setting

Project highlights

Client challenge:
A major hospital discovered high indoor air concentrations of perchloroethene in its warehouse located on the ground floor, requiring costly relocation of warehouse operations, personnel and contents. The original proposed remediation plan would cost $1.5 million, and take more than a year to restore occupancy.

Our approach:
Haley & Aldrich developed an alternative remediation approach that was far simpler, less costly and less intrusive on operations – and required significantly less regulatory permitting than the original mitigation system proposed by others.

Value delivered:

  • Full project remediation was completed in a fraction of the time, and with an 80% cost saving.
  • An even greater payback was achieved by the speedy re-occupancy of the hospital’s warehouse, minimizing the hospital’s alternative warehousing costs.

For more information on this project, contact Elie Haddad.