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Haley & Aldrich launches Built By Baltimore, LLC, an industrialized construction workforce development program focused on inclusivity and empowerment

Built By Baltimore construction workforce development

Burlington, Mass., August 17, 2021 – Haley & Aldrich announced today that it has launched Built by Baltimore LLC, a workforce development program focused on creating fulfilling construction careers for underrepresented and underemployed young adults, including women and people of color. The program aims to create long-term economic security for trainees, as well as to help rebuild local communities by introducing trainees to the future of industrial construction and providing a blend of training, including craft skills, Lean manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and problem solving, along with exposure to design, construction, and automation technology.

“Construction teams in Baltimore are having the same challenges faced by many teams across the country: They are struggling to replace an aging workforce with a pipeline of workers who have the right skillsets; and, when they do, the teams often lack the diversity of their communities,” said Karin Holland, Program Director for Built By Baltimore. “And yet, there are more than 18,000 young adults in the City who are neither in school nor employed. This program will connect people to critical jobs through an innovative workforce development program that removes barriers for trainees including transportation accessibility, lost wages during training, and lack of childcare. The curriculum aims to not only train participants for a career that matches the needs of future employers, but also to excite and inspire them to explore the many career options in construction and the promising future of this industry.”   

Built by Baltimore will provide pre-apprenticeship “Construction Manufacturing” training for 18- to 24-year-olds in a real fabrication environment. The working trainees will receive up to nine months of on-the-job training producing prefabricated building components. They will also receive both the basic and cross-functional training beneficial for future formal apprenticeships and a career in construction. Training will include exposure to the different crafts, as well as manufacturing principles, virtual design (3D modeling, digital simulations), logistics and supply chain management, and continuous improvement. 

“We see the ‘Built By’ initiative as an opportunity to share our approach to workforce development and the application of Lean manufacturing techniques in construction while providing a meaningful path to increase and diversify the industry’s pipeline,” said Shawn Fiore, Haley & Aldrich’s President and CEO. “It’s a win for trainees, our communities, and our company.”

Built By Baltimore launched its pilot program in June 2021 in partnership with J. Neal Design and Requity. The team worked with Baltimore City students who gained real-world construction manufacturing experience producing energy efficient doors. By next year, the program will expand to include two overlapping groups with a total of up to 30 trainees producing prefabricated components for construction projects around Baltimore.

Built By Baltimore’s long-term vision is to establish “Built By” programs in other urban areas. Built By Baltimore is seeking additional sponsors, partners, and projects.

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