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Going beyond boundaries: building resilient communities and organizations

Published in:
Haley & Aldrich publication

Karin Holland, Senior Sustainability Specialist and Lean Practitioner, Haley & Aldrich

NASA reports that with the exception of 1998, the 10 warmest years in the past century-plus have all occurred since 2000. Whether large or small, public or private, all organizations are affected by changing conditions. Communities and infrastructures feel the impact as well.

So what can be done? While we have the science and necessary skills to build resilience to climate change into infrastructures and communities, many organizations are still not certain how to begin employing available knowledge and science to become more resilient. With this as our impetus, Haley & Aldrich conducted a year-long research study to better understand how organizations and communities are preparing to face climate change impacts. We interviewed over 30 organizations across a wide range of industries, and our findings helped us verify key vulnerabilities faced by different types of organizations. They also identified important trends, successes, and opportunities. Our insights and recommendations are summarized in this paper.

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