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Introduction to industrialized construction

Photo of Industrialized-Construction graphic with icons.

Haley & Aldrich Lean consultants Nick Masci, Melissa McEwen, and Sally Mizell have authored “Introduction to Industrialized Construction” in partnership with the Lean Construction Institute (LCI). This overview aims to introduce LCI’s audience of more than 9,000 corporate members to the fundamentals of industrialized construction, bringing together core Lean construction concepts with principles of Lean manufacturing.  

The overview is part of LCI’s topic library, a collection written by experts to build awareness of and baseline knowledge on topics of importance to LCI’s members. It will be the first in a series of articles and learning modules on industrialized construction topics developed by our Construction manufacturing team for LCI. 

As the “Introduction to Industrialized Construction” notes, while the architecture, engineering, and construction community has learned and applied Lean principles and approaches for decades, many are not as familiar with industrialized construction (IC) and the opportunities to adapt manufacturing methods to enable more offsite construction. This overview covers the fundamental building blocks of industrialized construction, which include a continuous improvement mindset, productization of buildings, manufacturing-informed design, and workstations and fabrication facilities that reduce waste and promote rapid learning and innovation.

It also dives into the benefits of an industrialized construction approach, which range from the potential to reduce embodied carbon in the built environment to deliver better-quality projects faster to the improvement of worker safety and career longevity. Nick, Melissa, and Sally regularly assist owners, general contractors, and trades with developing their IC strategies using our comprehensive, data-driven Industrialized Construction Maturity Assessment. With this robust comparison against a standard for construction operational excellence, our clients can chart an actionable course to achieve the benefits of IC for their organizations and projects.  

Read “Introduction to Industrialized Construction” on LCI’s website.