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Offshore wind talks: Making landfalls with submarine cables

Dane Pehrman, Energy Market Segment Leader at Haley & Aldrich, is hosting a series of video blogs on science and engineering topics related to challenges in developing offshore wind energy in North America. In the series, he interviews experts at the intersection of geotechnical engineering and other key disciplines.

In this video, he is joined by Carrie Layhee, an Associate and Geotechnical Engineer at Haley & Aldrich. Carrie specializes in helping her clients minimize impacts to the environment by building under sensitive areas. She is currently managing several projects for which she is designing trenchless landfalls of export cables and interconnections into the grid. In this video, Carrie and Dane discuss the geotechnical challenges associated with designing landfall for energy export cables from offshore windfarms. Topics discussed include:

  • The different trenchless technologies used to make landfall connections
  • Challenges that may emerge during landfall cable installation and how to minimize
  • Key factors for identifying appropriate landfall sites

Watch their discussion here: