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Risk-based engineering for trenchless installation projects

The design and construction of projects using one or more trenchless installation methods is more than just a line on a piece of paper. Design and construction of trenchless projects also requires an understanding that there are risks, and that not all risks are equal. Risk events in trenchless projects can include ground settlement, ground heaving, creating large voids, movement of sensitive buildings, inadvertent returns, changed ground conditions, broken downhole tooling, damage to third party property, damage to other utilities and structures, and even loss of life. So, risk needs to be managed.

In NASTT-NE’s Fall 2017 edition of Northeast Journal of Trenchless Technology Practices, Dennis Doherty, Senior Consultant and the National Practice Leader for Trenchless Technologies at Haley & Aldrich, explores “Risk-Based Engineering for Trenchless Installation Projects.”  Click here to read the article.