Engineering | System Design

Turning engineering ideas into reality

The linchpin of every environmental remediation or geothermal project is system design, where engineering principles are rendered into functional equipment. Haley & Aldrich is distinguished not merely by the length and breadth of our experience in system design, but also by our culture of client-centric, value-driven engineering. This comes as a welcomed change for those clients who may have come to feel that progress toward their goals has reached a standstill.

> Service Highlights

  • Remediation system evaluation, design & optimization
  • Remediation system operation, maintenance & monitoring
  • Groundwater & vapor extraction systems
  • In-situ soil & groundwater treatment (chemical, biological, thermal)
  • Ex-situ soil & groundwater treatment
  • Landfill gas & methane mitigation
  • System troubleshooting & retrofit
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Resin technology remediation system design