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Abhinav Huli

Abhinav Huli

Senior Technical Expert, Civil Engineer and Trenchless Practice Leader

Abhi specializes in the technical design and construction of new underground utility installation using trenchless technology. Being the technical lead on trenchless projects, Abhi is an ardent believer in critical thinking and effective communication. 

Leveraging his extensive field experience on large-scale trenchless projects from feasibility through construction and his graduate degree in construction management focused on trenchless technology, Abhi enjoys addressing project challenges by developing customized design solutions that are both practical and effective. In an effort to improve the state of the trenchless practice, Abhi serves as a committee member in the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) where he contributes towards the development of trenchless Manuals of Practice. In recognition of his contribution to the trenchless industry, Abhi was awarded the prestigious Trent Ralston Young Trenchless Achievement Award from the North American Society of Trenchless Technology (NASTT).

  • Checkmark Feasibility, design, and construction monitoring of trenchless installation techniques including using auger boring, direct pipe, horizontal directional drilling, microtunneling, Pilot Tube, and pipe jacking techniques
  • Checkmark Ground surface settlement and heave analysis
  • Checkmark Hydrofracture analysis
  • Checkmark Logistical planning and equipment layout
  • Checkmark Risk assessment
  • Checkmark Tensile loads and stress analysis of the various product pipe materials
  • Checkmark Third-party review

“Trenchless engineering is unique. It’s a relatively new practice that has been around since the 1960s and combines geotechnical, material science, mechanical, civil, hydraulics, and many more engineering fields. The inherent unknowns often drive us to push the boundaries by continually creating safe and successful solutions, which will eventually end up improving the state of the practice. It really is very exciting!”