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Trenchless technology

We safely devise and deliver trenchless solutions by building consensus among stakeholders and simplifying the complex.

Burgeoning urban populations, aging infrastructure, and demand for cleaner, more diverse energy options are driving your need to update, replace, or add new utilities. But these underground infrastructure improvements are constrained by available space and zoning laws. Installing them requires cooperating with disparate stakeholders in order to limit potential impacts to the surrounding environment and community.

Engineers, regulators, and contractors need weeks of planning to avoid old-growth trees, noise complaints, and inadvertent returns. Yet contracts hold you to tight in-service deadlines. And shareholders and customers expect you to deliver services without surprises and interruptions.

Haley & Aldrich’s trenchless technology experts understand your project’s success depends on our ability to deliver technical excellence, and, as importantly, to listen, build relationships, and simplify the complex. Our team partners with you to heed and address your stakeholders’ competing concerns. We build consensus among them so we can deliver your trenchless engineering projects safely, on time, and on budget — ultimately preserving your company’s reputation.

At Haley & Aldrich, we use streamlined communication tools to clarify the intricacies, benefits, and risks of trenchless work. We also take the time to explain technical details in layman’s terms so you and your stakeholders know exactly what we’re doing, and why.

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Abhinav Huli
Abhinav Huli

Senior Technical Expert, Civil Engineer and Trenchless Practice Leader

Carrie Layhee

Senior Client Account Manager, Geotechnical Engineer

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Trenchless technology

Our proactive approach to trenchless technology minimizes uncertainties and safeguards your reputation

Our project managers and engineers take a proactive approach to developing trenchless solutions. We anticipate the expected and the improbable. From the planning process through the trenchless installation of a product pipe, our trenchless technology experts continually ask, what if? Not only that, we update you — and your stakeholders — so you know what to expect, co-creating plans to reduce costs and minimize surprises. You won’t wake up in the morning with your project in the news for all the wrong reasons.

We provide trenchless technology services to the following markets: 

At Haley & Aldrich, we make your goal — safely delivering reliable services to your customers — ours.  

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