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Ground improvement services

We pioneer ground improvement techniques to find the right solution for your projects.

As a developer or owner, you need to find the most cost-effective, viable foundation solutions for your business. At the same time, you’re working to determine risk tolerance, the technical feasibility of solutions, cash flow projections, and ultimately, whether or not a site is worth developing at all. If a site requires a deep foundation solution, you risk jeopardizing project progress — or preventing it from ever starting at all.

At Haley & Aldrich, we know that while ground improvement (GI) services could potentially save you hundreds of thousands of dollars — or more — it’s not an appropriate system for every project, despite what others might say. That’s why we partner with you to discuss what ground improvement is, the impact it has on your project, and your risk tolerance to determine if and what type of ground improvement is the most cost-effective, technically sound solution for your project. 

Not all ground improvement services are created equal. But what is gray about this prevalent technique, we make black and white. Our engineering teams were the first in the field to apply ground improvement in the way it’s used today, and we have not stopped thinking ahead since. We continually partner with GI designers and contractors to share our deep understanding, and responsibly push state-of-the-art approaches to new levels, rigorously evolving industry practice and setting the industry standard in a world of varying, proprietary equipment and techniques. 

“You guys push us the hardest,” “you simply make us better,” and “thank you for stewarding our profession” are testimony to what we bring to the table. In turn, our clients trust us implicitly. They know we not only bring the highest level of expertise, but will continually seek the right solution specific to them — even if that means proposing a different direction than they or the team originally expected. 

Meet our service experts

Damian Siebert

Service Leader, Geotechnical Engineering

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Kelvin Wong

Senior Client Account Manager

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Delivering technical excellence and beyond

At Haley & Aldrich, we recognize that while technical excellence is required, some of your challenges are not necessarily technical. Finding the right solution for all parties involved in your project — including ownership/design teams, construction managers, and subcontractors — requires an ability to listen and understand varying perspectives. We understand what each party values, and coalesce the goals and needs to identify the solution that will lead to a successful project for all.

We also know that project success can hinge on understanding how construction complexities of ground improvement systems — including sequences and conflicts, among others — affect general contractors and different trades. As much as the technical ramifications, we have a sound understanding of how the design and logistics of the system impact the various disciplines involved in your project, including costs and schedule. We work with your teams to proactively plan ahead, rather than wait until something happens. We’ve gained this foresight from our experience leading our industry and, because of it, you’re able to mitigate potential issues and risks down the road. 

We provide ground improvement services for these markets: 

Armed with technical prowess and an in-depth understanding of your team’s objectives, Haley & Aldrich delivers seamless, successful projects that will exceed your expectations.

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