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EHS strategy and management

We take a full-system view to mitigate today’s EHS challenges and eliminate tomorrow’s uncertainties. 

Environmental, health and safety (EHS) management is a complex and high-pressure job. You work hard to maintain compliance, yet continually feel pressure to go beyond compliance. You may have noticed that employees are starting to lose focus on compliance, competitors are outpacing you in certain areas, or you’re getting increased pressure from clients and shareholders to ensure business continuity. You know it’s crucial to get ahead of EHS management, or risk falling behind.   

Haley & Aldrich’s team of EHS strategy and management experts take a full-system view of your operations, rather than focusing on a single problem. We understand that environmental, safety, and operational standards are symbiotic and need to complement one another. That’s why we work to uncover misalignment and design strategies and solutions to ensure smooth, safe, and environmentally sound operations. We recommend strategies and solutions only once we fully and deeply understand how they’ll impact your business in the long term. 

Our approach is anything but standard: We take the time to understand your culture, business needs, and stakeholder expectations. We also mine through historical data and industry trends to uncover best practices for our clients. Our teams have decades of EHS experience and create thoughtful solutions designed specifically for your business. 

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Danyle Hepler

Technical Expert in Health and Safety

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Service Leader, EHS Compliance

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  • Checkmark EHS auditing
  • Checkmark EHS program and management system development
  • Checkmark Emergency response/crisis management planning
  • Checkmark Enterprise risk management programs
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EHS consulting that tackles today’s compliance and sustainability challenges — and sets you up for future operational success

At Haley & Aldrich, we know that the success of your business is about more than compliance. It’s about improving operations by training your staff, evaluating and prioritizing your operational risks, ensuring business continuity, and making data more manageable so you can better strategize for the future. When you don’t have the internal resources to take on these larger, strategic initiatives, we’re at the ready to work alongside your internal teams and stakeholders. 

Our EHS consulting team knows technical excellence is required, but your success also hinges on communication and collaboration. That’s why we deeply listen to you and your stakeholders to gain an in-depth understanding of your culture, operations, and desired outcomes. Our ability to do so allows us to develop solutions that are specific to your business and set you up for long-term, continued success. 

We provide EHS strategy and management services to the following markets:

Whether we’re working to ensure your EHS audit captures your most critical priorities, or delivering in-depth safety guides and risk management strategies, Haley & Aldrich’s EHS consulting team partners with you to develop sustainable solutions.

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