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Natural resources consulting

We envision an end state for your project that is most impactful to your business and least impactful to the environment. 

Natural resources assessment and management for energy, real estate development, mining, industrial and manufacturing, and other industries is no easy feat. From changing regulatory requirements, to public opposition and fluctuations in available financing, there’s no shortage of obstacles that can delay or even derail your projects. Not to mention, in industries rife with competition and a shortage of site space, being first to market is top of mind. 

Haley & Aldrich’s natural resources consulting team knows that successful projects require an understanding of the lifecycle of a project — from conceptualization to design and permitting, through construction and operation. Our scientists, consultants, and field staff start each natural resources engagement by working with your team to envision your desired end state and the critical paths to navigate along the way. Because we leverage and adapt Lean thinking to see a complete value stream, we are particularly well-suited to co-create your vision. We know how a completed project should look and use that knowledge to plan ahead, determine what resources may be impacted, and ensure the overall process is efficient and effective. 

We understand that for many of our clients, being first to market matters. That’s why we carefully plan the evaluation and permitting of natural resources during your project’s development. And when we work with our clients during project conception, sometimes we can avoid resource impacts entirely, leading to the need for fewer permits — saving time, money, and complexity — and ultimately getting your project realized, faster. 

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James Pippin
James Pippin

Senior Project Manager

Jim Shannon

Senior Project Manager, Biology

Service highlights

  • Checkmark Aesthetic resource impact evaluation
  • Checkmark Biological and ecological surveys
  • Checkmark Construction environmental inspection
  • Checkmark Cultural resource survey management
  • Checkmark Environmental restoration monitoring 
  • Checkmark Natural and cultural resource impact avoidance/mitigation plans
  • Checkmark Threatened and endangered species evaluation
  • Checkmark Wetland and stream delineation
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Thoughtful natural resources consulting solutions to exceed your expectations

In addition to ongoing technical training, every staff member at Haley & Aldrich participates in continual, hands-on personal mastery training. This ensures each team member can learn, practice, and increase their ability to truly listen and ask thoughtful questions during difficult circumstances. Our focus on communication and collaboration allows us to better represent our clients and their projects. This is particularly important when advocating for them among the stakeholder groups that affect the permitting process under natural resource regulations. Our clients often tell us they not only respect our ability to find common ground among stakeholders, but our ability to do so authentically and efficiently. 

We provide natural resources consulting for the following markets:

Our ability to envision your project’s end result and provide thoughtful solutions brings you closer to success with every step.

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