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Groundwater consulting

We rely on our roots and take a hands-on approach so you can achieve your goals without surprises. 

Managing groundwater resources is a complex balancing act — whether you’re looking to a find a new water supply, developing yield that is both reliable and sustainable, or addressing water quality and quantity concerns. Detangling the groundwater compliance regulations and finding a middle ground with regulators make your job even more complicated. 

Haley & Aldrich’s engineering and hydrogeology consultants know how you can reach your groundwater goals, while meeting regulatory requirements and preserving our precious water resources so they’re sustainable for generations to come. We understand that when it comes to groundwater resource development and compliance, the regulations can be daunting. That’s why we focus on finding a middle ground for you and regulators — one that allows you to be successful while protecting our environment and resources.

Our groundwater consulting staff take a hands-on, collaborative approach to working with the regulating bodies involved in your projects. That includes proactively meeting with regulators and other stakeholders on your behalf before groundwater compliance challenges emerge. 

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John Kastrinos
John Kastrinos

Senior Associate, Hydrogeology

Mark Nicholls

Service Leader, Water Resources

Service highlights

  • Checkmark Aquifer planning
  • Checkmark Construction, mine, and slope dewatering
  • Checkmark Green infrastructure design
  • Checkmark Ground-source heat exchange (geothermal) heating and cooling 
  • Checkmark Groundwater resource development
  • Checkmark Stormwater and wastewater recharge (surface and deep installations)
  • Checkmark Sustainable yield elements
Team of engineers examining open field as part of groundwater consulting services

Relying on our roots to get ahead of your groundwater challenges

At Haley & Aldrich, our deep-rooted geotechnical engineering expertise and mindset often means we’re able to anticipate and get ahead of problems before they happen. Underground engineering is ingrained in our culture. Because of that, we are uniquely qualified to anticipate geotechnical concerns that arise from groundwater extraction and infiltration — including slope instability and extraction-induced subsidence. This allows us to take a thoughtful, plan-ahead approach. It also means our clients are less likely to run into cost surprises down the line — and can achieve their goals as quickly as possible. 

We provide groundwater services to the following markets: 

At Haley & Aldrich, we’re able to find common ground with regulators and plan ahead to minimize unexpected issues so your project can be a success.  

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