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Support of excavation design services

We reduce the critical path to your construction schedule and mitigate risks near your site improvements.

As an owner or contractor, you’re often focused on identifying and quantifying the risks associated with site improvements. From reducing construction schedule time to expediting permitting requirements and gaining a greater understanding of project costs and risks, there’s no shortage of outcomes you’re focused on reaching. The road to achieving these outcomes is also often filled with hurdles. Tight budgets, small margins, pressure to reduce costs, and highly competitive bid environments are constant, top-of-mind concerns. Not to mention, you’re continually negotiating and discussing allowances with external entities and stakeholders who will potentially be impacted by your work. 

Haley & Aldrich’s support of excavation design services are led by project teams that quickly identify and manage risks based on your risk tolerance, engaging with you to understand and select designs based on your preferences. Not only that, we proactively identify and communicate potential effects to adjacent structures and identify strategies to reduce schedule risks — often leading to lower overall costs during construction. 

Our teams also bring innovative technical solutions to your projects, leveraging previously unexplored methods to streamline your path to success. Most recently, we incorporated BIM — including Revit and 3D modeling — to better integrate with project teams and avoid conflicts before construction begins. Our sophisticated modeling methods lead to better designs and lower overall construction costs for excavation support systems. 

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Technical Expert

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Service Leader, Geotechnical Engineering

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Principal Consultant

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Customizing our approach to fit your specific project needs and concerns

Haley & Aldrich’s engineers partner with our clients on projects at varying levels of complexity — and we determine the right approach for each on a project-by-project basis. We engage in the earliest phases of project bidding, making small design changes that can lead to big impacts, including significantly reduced risks with minimal impact to proposed structures. 

Beyond our ability to customize strategies and approaches to meet your nuanced project requirements, we take time to explain complex topics and engineering challenges in layman’s terms for both internal and external stakeholders. We focus our time to ensure you — and your teams — understand each and every component of your project, so together we can help balance risks, cost, and scheduling concerns. 

We provide support of excavation design services for: 

Whether we’re integrating design and instrumentation during construction to monitor site performance, finding the design approach that leads to on-time and on-budget production, or helping you navigate regulatory hurdles, our specialized excavation support system team has the experience and expertise to put your project on the most efficient, effective road to project success. 

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