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We look through a different lens so manufacturers can do more with less, improve business performance, and mitigate risks.

Today’s industrial and manufacturing companies operate in a highly competitive business landscape marked by ongoing change. As environmental, regulatory, social, and community pressures mount, your company faces challenges every day that may necessitate actions beyond compliance to safeguard against fines and negative perceptions — challenges that threaten your brand reputation and global supply chain.

Haley & Aldrich’s industrial and manufacturing consulting team gains a deep understanding of the near and long-term environmental and manufacturing challenges across your business lifecycle, so we can co-create solutions that secure your future. We find and develop solutions to help future-proof your business for the ever-changing conditions in which you operate. Even for tried-and-true services like legacy site cleanups, Haley & Aldrich finds ways to reduce costs and lessen environmental liability so the property can ultimately contribute to positive cash flow.

Haley & Aldrich’s industrial and manufacturing consulting experts also continually seek innovative technical solutions to provide you with the greatest value, at lower costs. That may be novel in-situ subsurface site characterization tools, site remediation using out-of-the-box risk assessment applications, facilitated stakeholder engagement, or deploying remote sensing devices to collect a variety of visual and analytical data. We develop some of these solutions through our Applied Research program, in collaboration with government agencies and university research centers.

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Michael Basel
Michael Basel

Market Leader, Industrial and Manufacturing

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Thoughtful industrial and manufacturing solutions to exceed your expectations

At Haley & Aldrich, our clients tell us that we’re not only trusted advisors, but also strategic partners. Our industrial and manufacturing consultants provide this level of partnership due to our ability to go beyond the technical. Every staff member at Haley & Aldrich participates in continual, hands-on training so they can learn, practice, and increase their ability to ask thoughtful questions, truly listen, and deeply understand not only the complex ecosystem in which you operate, but your personal pain points and goals.

With this understanding, we can fully uncover the most efficient and collaborative solutions that strike a balance between your internal teams, stakeholders, regulators, and neighbors. Haley & Aldrich’s industrial and manufacturing consulting markets include:

Whether we’re obtaining regulatory closure for contaminated sites, identifying and assisting with your operational risk management, or providing design and construction services, we seek continual improvement so you can achieve greater quality for less.

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